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Join us and become an Agora Pioneer!

Join us and become an Agora Pioneer!


We believe that together our small choices can make a big impact. Agora was created to support small businesses. This is where you come in. By posting through the Agora app about products you love, you spread the word about these amazing products which is so valuable for small businesses. In return, you receive free beer in return. Win-win!

The Agora mission: To create a platform that allows artisan producers to compete with the largest global manufacturers, enabling them to support and enrich their local communities.

The platform: The Agora app allows customers to generate points each time they share a post on their social media accounts. These points can be exchanged for beer, and soon to be many other products too.

The hypothesis: If we change the system to reward customers for supporting small businesses, small businesses and their local communities can thrive.

What we need: We need pioneers to help us test and redesign the app. We are looking for super passionate people with a burning desire to help change a structure that makes it hard for small businesses to compete with mass producers. We are looking for consumers who understand that clicking an internet link to get the cheapest product from a far away factory is not sustainable or healthy for local communities. We are looking for trailblazers with a desire to act and promote change.

What you will get:

Free beer! Each post generates points which you can redeem for beer. We will hosting a launch celebration which you will be invited to, which will involve more free beer.

That do-good-feeling! You will get the satisfaction of knowing that you are helping create a movement to empower small businesses. If you believe in this mission, we’d love you to join us.

Be one of the 100 Agora Pioneers who will have a direct influence in the development of a global movement! Download the app to become a Pioneer. Use it to post about our Agora producers. Generate points. Exchange for free products. Spread the word. We will send you a simple survey and be in touch to get your general thoughts. Super easy!

Download the Agora Gourmet App, become engaged and join the ground-breaking movement today! The App is available to download:
Apple Store
Google Play Store

**Participants must be 18 years or older. We encourage responsible drinking. Visit for more information.